Can not edit the extra field during my review

Hello, with the last update, I can’t edit the extra field while reviewing my cards on my cellphone (AnkiDrod), neither on my laptop (Anki)!
I could change the text inside of the extra field, correcting exercises of grammar that I created just using the code {{edit:Extra}}, like down below:

I could see what was wrong (the red words) in the first box and change the same text, in the second box. But, I can’t anymore, it just selects the text, so it doesn’t want to allow me to change the text!

Are you using this (or any other similar) add-on?

If that’s the case, it sounds like the add-on is not compatible anymore with the last Anki update.

In any case, you should be able to edit any card by pressing E while reviewing.


If you are using the Edit Field During Review Cloze add-on instead, try ctrl + click (cmd+click on mac)


Thank you so much! It worked : )

Thank you!