Missing "extra" field

I have just downloaded Anki, but I see that I am missing the “extra” field that is present in many of the Anki tutorials. How should I fix this?

Default cloze cardtype has been with no Extra field for a while. I really can’t tell when the change was incorporated. You can quickly add it yourself. Click Fields... button to summon the window.

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And later click Cards... buton to open the template view. Add {{Extra}} at the back template.


Cloze" cards are no longer showing the “extra” or display images when added.
1.In order to solve this please follow these steps: in an empty cloze card, add a new field and name it “extra”
2.close the card and go to the main anki window and go to “tools”
3.select "manage note types "
4.select "cloze "
5.select "choose cards "
6.at the bottom center choose “add field”
7.change field from “text to extra”
8.change “add to”: from “front to back”
9.Press ok and try and see if works


Thank you so, so much. I’ve been having this problem since I downloaded Anki more than a year ago and I just found this response.

This has been a huge issue for me and you fixed it!! Thanks! Can I pay you like $5!!!