Edit Field During Review → use of CTRL+U or B

Hey guys,
maybe you already know one of these two practical addons:

…unfortunately I cannot use the shortcuts I mentiones in the headline. Does someone know a solution for this?

Thank you alot in advance!


Have you edited your note type to make the add-ons work?

Edit Field During Review (Cloze) - AnkiWeb

After installing, additional work is required to make the fields editable. Open the addon config and go to the “Fields” tab. You can select the fields of note types you want to edit in the reviewer. Doing this edits the note type template so {{Field}} becomes {{edit:Field}}, which can be manually done in the note type editor. Whenever you add a new note type or a new field, you will need to make them editable with the above method.
Edit-Field-During-Review-Cloze/FAQ.md at master · BlueGreenMagick/Edit-Field-During-Review-Cloze · GitHub

Edit Field During Review - AnkiWeb

HOW TO USE: Open the Card Template and replace {{Field}} with {{edit:Field}}. This is similar to {{type:Foreign Word}} or {{hint:MyField}}. During review click on the field, edit it and click outside of it or press Esc to save it, or press Ctrl+Z to undo any changes. Press Tab or Shift+Tab to switch between different editable fields. And it looks like it’s possible to use Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+I (italic) and Ctrl+U (underline) shortcuts too.

The implementation is very simple. The addon just replaces any {{edit:Field}} with

to make it editable. Tag “div” can be replaced with tag “span” to make it inline by updating the add-on’s config file (Tools - Add-ons - Edit Field During Review - Config).

The most things I’ve done, therefore I can edit the cards already. Only shortcuts like ctrl+u or shift+delete or any kind of these don’t work.

The only thing I haven’t done ist this:
“Tag “div” can be replaced with tag “span” to make it inline by updating the add-on’s config file (Tools - Add-ons - Edit Field During Review - Config).”

Do you think this is important in this case?

Thank you very much for your answere :slight_smile:

nah it is only to explain how it works

in case you are using the cloze one, try tools → add-ons → Edit Field During Review (Cloze) - AnkiWeb → config
try changing the shortcuts or toggle it (mine were untoggle, but still was able to use the shortcuts)

make sure in the note type, the icon is the orange prism, not an red X

Unfortunately that didn’t work, but anyway thank you for the suggestion!

Today I coincidentally found a solution (because I never really used the cloze tool). Before I click the text (of course while reviewing) I want to change, I keep the CTRL button pressed. I have to do this anyway for the next shortcut, so I keep it pressed and add the U+B.
Solution: CTRL + Mouse Click + U + B
(This only works with the cloze add on (by default) !!)
Edit Field During Review (Cloze) - AnkiWeb

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