Can I add field content to an existing deck by importing a file?

I made a deck using Kindle vocabulary builder and added fields as I wish(definitions, usages, sounds, etc.)
I also have made a csv file with the words from the vocabulary builder and my own explanation on the words.

What I want is to import my own explanation field into the existing deck.
If I choose 'Update existing notes when first field matches" option when I import my csv file, all the contents in other fields than my own explanation field is deleted. What I want is adding a new field to the existing deck.

I tried to use ’ Merge duplicate notes’ add on.
This one is supposed to do exactly what I want to do.
But this one is not working with the error: “Invalid configuration”.

Is it possible to merge notes with the same front without losing contents in all the fields?

Check this add-on maybe: Special Fields - AnkiWeb

Thank you, jcznk. I will check that add-on out.

Anyway, I managed to do what I wanted using Word Query add-on and stardict editor.
I saved my csv file containing both word titles and the meanings as a tab-separated txt file, then using stardict editor, I made stardict type dictionary. Then I made Word Query add-on fill the ‘my own explanation’ field for each word. The result was successful.
But this was little bit complicated, so I hope the special fields add-on works fine.

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