Weird Sync error


I’ve been trying to sync my PC library to my phone but for some reason it results in error (see image below). I’ve tried turning the PC on and off, updating to the newest version, deleting the old app and installing another from scratch: none of it worked. Any ideas?

PS: I don’t have any add-ons.


A few things you can try:

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Thanks for the help! Unfortunately it did not work. I enabled Anki to pass both my firewalls (Bitdefender + Windows Defender) but it still shows error. I also noticed that the error occurs when I try to do other things as well (e.g. close the app or switch my profile). Considering I’ve already uninstalled and re-installed the app before, do you have any other ideas?
Thanks again for the help. - Pietro

It’s very likely either your antivirus or some other program running on your machine.