Webpage time zone


2020-07-18T22:00:00Z I was browsing the shared add-on page and I noticed that the latest modified add-on was labeled as the next day for my time zone GMT+2. What time zone is set in the server? I am guessing somewhat between GMT+8 to GMT+11.

I’d like to know so I can wait a little for the sake of updating add-ons on different days for server’ time. I indeed updated one of my add-ons the following day and I noticed it the website was still counting as the same day.

I’m not sure why you’d see a future date - the modification time shown in the add-on list should be using your browser’s local timezone as it’s rendered in Javascript.

I’ll try different browsers and devices next time to check that

Here is an example from minutes ago (21:52 in GMT+2)

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Thanks, I was able to reproduce the issue. It’s a bit tricky to fix at the moment I’m afraid, but the update check uses a separate timestamp - so if you’re wanting to wait for the day to change just so updates will become available, that’s not necessary.

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