Timezone handling in version 23.12.1

I’m traveling out of town and wanted to know if I needed to enable anything before leaving so my scheduling would not mess up. I read the manual, which said there was a way to enable a new timezone code. I couldn’t find where to enable it. Is it already set up for version 23.12.1? Also, when I return, will my card’s due dates shift forward/backward due to the time changing?

That “new” timezone handling is about 4 years old now :birthday:, so I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s the standard, and I think the on/off switch has been removed.

I don’t think anything will go wrong with your scheduling and due dates. Anki stores those dates as days-since a fixed point (collection creation), so they shouldn’t move based on timezone … :thinking: but they might based on crossing the international dateline. I’ll let someone smarter than me answer that.

However timestamps are stored as Unix milliseconds, which are then interpreted as a date/time in the timezone of your device. Because of this, short steps should remain accurate regardless of travel.

But be alert if you are a maintain-a-streak-at-all-costs sort of studier – even if you study cards every day in your travel timezone, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve studied something every day in your home timezone. If that’s something that is important to you, you can avoid gaps in your history by staying aware of what time it is “at home” and when your next-day starts in Anki, so you can plan your study sessions accordingly – or making sure you never let 24h pass on the clock without studying.

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