Anki timezone issue

During an updating process in my anki, I accidentally selected:“yes” to a question regarding anki droid. Now every time I log in I get the message “Your Anki client does not support the new timezone handling yet. Please switch to the legacy handling in the computer version’s Preferences screen.” After this began popping up, my progress no longer syncs between devices. I have seen several forums directing users to go to tools>preferences> and untick a box, however my tools does not connect me to a preferences option. I updated my anki to the latest and am still having this problem. Any help would be very appreciated.

You wouldn’t get that message with the latest version, so my guess is you’re accidentally opening an older version of Anki you have lying around. Please grab the latest version, drag it into your Applications folder, and then make sure you’re opening it from that location. You can check the version you’re running in the Anki>About menu.

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Thank you so much, this seems to have worked!!

I have got the same message on the Android tablet. The sync between pc and web is working well.
I have compared the time zone on both pc and tablet but tablet is on GMT and windows 10 in UTC.

Please follow the instructions shown in the screenshot.