We need the real INTERLEAVING thing!

Hi folks,

WHY it is not possible to study Anki (2.1.41) subdecks randomized instead of alphabetical???
In my opinion, this is not an interleaving feature that Anki advertises to everyone. It is an option that Anki should provide by default. This “feature” can’t be so difficult to implement.

I don’t want it randomized by default.

Anki does not have the word ‘interleaving’ in the Manual;
but Sub-decks option is a simple and effective method to switch from subject-to subject - which is what the interleaving is; too many people think that a randomization is, but . it is not.

We do random review to keep the ‘closely-related’ cards apart in order to fight wasted reps. Anki’s ‘bury related cards’ needs to be supplement by the add-on ‘Rememorize …’ the’ siblings’ part.

NOTE: @/dae
this add-on is in works now - implementing the ‘Rescheduling’ part.