"Waiting for editing to finish. [Resume Now]"

I’m referring to the screen that the main Anki window switches to when you add a card or make an edit in the browser.

Users can just click [Resume Now] to bypass it, and once they do, the Due/New columns update in real time (as you add/delete new cards) anyway.

So I feel like the warning/message is redundant. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just not have the screen?

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My Persistent Editor add-on allows you to bypass one of them.

The main purpose of that screen is to avoid having to recalculate the due counts every few seconds as you make changes, as it can be potentially slow on large collections + slow computers, and make operations feel more sluggish. I’ve been pondering keeping the screen showing stale values instead, and refreshing it when the window is focused again. Would that address your issue?

Wow that’s a super cool add-on!

Ah I see, it’s for large collections and slow computers. That makes sense.

Regarding the proposed solution, that method would be consistent with how Anki currently updates the due counts when the learn ahead limit is set to 0 minutes, right? It doesn’t refresh until you do something like click the Decks button to trigger a refresh?

Anki should probably be improved in the future to automatically refresh that screen as the time counts down. The approach I was thinking of here is to update the screen as soon as the window is switched back to - no extra step like clicking on a button would be required.

Yes, that would be fine.