Answer timer: different behavior in android en desktop after update. why?

About a week ago I updated to Anki 2.1.49 on my desktop. Looks Ok, some neat new features and all my favourite add-ons still work. One thing struck me as soon as I started using it, though.
First on the Android version when you leave the Anki window the timer stops and picks up once you highlight the window again. In the desktop version the timer did not stop when you highlighted another window or program on your computer but at least you could stop the counter from continuing by going to the edit window. The timer would then restart once that closed.

Since in the new version there is no longer a separate edit window. The editor is now built-in into each field. Nice feature but while editing, which I do a lot, the timer just keeps running. The weirdest part is that once the timer has reached its limit, in my case 2 min., another minute or so later Anki automatically jumps to the next entry in the list.

Is this a bug? Is this deliberate? Before I could either leave the edit window open, answer the phone, get a drink, check something online, etc… and then just pick up where I left off. On Android that is still the case. But for the big stuff I like the desktop and it is very annoying that now you have to edit against the clock on the desktop before the timer and some unknown internal (?) clock just moves on without you yourself giving the answer.

Any insights would be appreciated.

There is no built-in feature to advance to the next card automatically. If it’s happening when you close the edit window, that may be because a learning card become due, or the queues were rebuilt in a different order. The v3 scheduler may do a better job of presenting the same card again.

If it’s happening without any interaction on your part, maybe an add-on is to blame.


Thank you for your reply. I understand what you say but that is not what I experience, that is to say what you describe happens but that is expected or at least understandable.

In my case on linux mint since Anki 2.1.49 if I run through a deck and just stop (not reply of reply but not indicate difficult, good, easy, … and the timer per card, set at 2 min in my case, runs it course. That same card stays on the screen for about one more minute and that disappears and a new card is presented. If that card stays past the 2 min. and the extra time Anki presents a third card all without me giving any input. I know this because when I note down the number of cards to be studied when I leave my computer and compare that to the number, say 15 min. later. it has gone down. So cards where given a new status without my presence.

Anki doesn’t rate cards for you automatically. Maybe you have the Speed Focus Mode add-on installed?

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