Timer not added up

How Anki timing how long I learn on Anki (“Studies __ cards in __ minutes today”) is not agree with timer in my phone.

During reviewing due cards (counted in green) and learning card (counted in red), both timers agreed with each other, but they stop their agreement when I learn new cards (counted in blue). Anki’s timer seem to exclude time reviewing due cards and learning card. It counts time only on new card. How can I adjust Anki’s timer, so it not excludes time like this?

This seem to be problem on AnkiDroid as well. But I use Anki on desktop most of the time, so I can use timer on my smartphone, and verify this problem.

Here is debug info:
Anki 23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.6.1 PyQt 6.6.1
Platform: Windows-10-10.0.19045

What’s your AnkiDroid version? I suspect this might have got fixed in AnkiDroid 2.17 (still not available for all users on the Play Store).

It’s version 2.16.5

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