Weird card timings

I’m getting some bizarre card timings using both Anki desktop and AnkiWeb. Examples:

Weird card timings 2021-05-01 1125

Any ideas what’s causing this and how it can be cured? I’m most concerned about the multiyear timing. If a card gets lost this way, I’ll never learn it! But it’s also weird sometimes Hard and Good have the same delay.

The first screenshot indicates that the card has been overdue for a long time. If you still remember it, there is no harm in increasing the interval even further. But most likely you can’t recall the answer and have to press Again anyway.
The second screenshot indicates that you have two learning steps of 10 minutes.


Aha. Thanks for the answers, Rumo. And particularly thanks for the speed with which you gave them.

If I understand things aright, in the first case clicking Again will sort things out just fine. But as to the second, is there anything that I should do at all? I haven’t changed learning steps. At least not consciously. Does having two learning steps of the same length potentially cause problems?

Not a problem, but probably not exactly what you want, either. Just change the learning steps back to “1 10” and it will be back to normal for all future learning cards.

Thanks. I will make the change. Much appreciated!