Vocabular Extractor Support

I have published an update for the addon. May you please check if this resolves the issue?

It has worked twice for me now, thanks!

For some definitions sometimes multiple definitions are given and are separated by a bullet sign. Can something be done so each of those definitions show up as separate definition using a break line
feature. I believe this occurs in the Mac_oxford_dictionary.

also can separate fields be added for the DERIVATIVES AND orgins of the word. just so they show up as separate. There are also times when different definitions of words are separated by ordered lists (, if they can also show up as seperate lines.

I really appreciate your work for this addon.
But the list of words is all hard words. How can I make my list of words or make a custom list?

Can you add a function that can extract sentences in a book for a list of words. I can make a list of words, ex: 3000 common words and this add on can extract sentences have one of those words and extract definition and sentences based on a book or txt file.


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is it not available anymore?