Add another set of definitions to existing vocabulary set

I currently have a GRE vocab list divided into Subdecks. Each card has a front and back with the vocabulary and its definition respectively. Many of the definitions in the cards aren´t of good quality. Is it possible to import another set of definitions for the same words (all the words in the deck) and add them below the original definitions already present in the card?

I can generate a text file with the vocab - new definitions but instead of manually editing each card to add the second definition is there some method that´ll allow me to import them all at the same time?

Using anki 2.1.30 in windows 10. Let me know if anything is unclear.

I think this requires some coding.

You can upload the text file with the new definitions along with your vocabulary decks (after exporting them) somewhere and post a link here, so I or other users could help you.

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Hey thanks for the reply.

I did a bit of python scripting and think i might have solved the issue. This is my original list (exported)Gre_Original. I modified this and added a second definition after the initial card and in available cases usage examples Gre_Modified. Importing this into my deck should update all cards with the newly updated info (old definitions plus new definitions plus usage examples in some cases) without having any issues in regards to the card schedule(due date and stuff) right?

Also please let me know if you have any suggestions for better formatting this deck.

Update: Fixed modified link

If you select the Update existing notes when first field matches option when importing, you should be fine.
Scheduling information won’t get affected either way.

Also select the Allow HTML in fields option.

By the way, you didn’t link to the modified deck (you posted the same link twice).