How can I bulk edit cards to add more content?

Hey beautiful community, how can I bulk edit my cards without loosing there progress, for example I have already added many vocabulary cards now I want to add some more fields and content in it as synonyms and antonyms.

To add more fields, simply edit the note template. The new fields will appear on all cards, including the old ones. Adding content to these fields is another issue. Where do you want to take this content from?

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Yeah, the issue with adding in bulk because adding it one by one will be very tedious, content will be most probably from chat gpt or online dictionaries

In any case, you’ll need some code to perform the calls to chatGPT API or some online dictionary’s API to fetch the content per note.

  • Use an existing Anki addon for your batch content adding. The IntelliFiller ChatGPT would seem to be your best best, once somebody fixes it
  • Write your own Anki addon to process your deck within Anki
  • Export your deck as a txt file. Then write some script in whatever language to process the file adding content to specific columns. Then import the edited txt file back and overwrite your note fields with it.
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