Bulk change dictionary in existing deck


I have an existing deck of +1000 Japanese words with English definitions.
I would like to replace the English definitions for Japanese definitions, swithing to a monolingual dictionary. Is it possible to bulk replace the definition field? How should I import the Japanese definitions?

Thanks in advance!

The best way to do this afaik is to export the deck as .txt and editing that in excel

Exporting - Anki Manual

I stand corrected, see @4649ceynou’s answer.

you can use migaku dictionary

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I could manage to export the whole deck to excel but how exactly could I batch import the new definitions into excel?

Also, I read about the migaku dictionary but it doesn’t really explain how/if can a deck change its dictionary.

Thanks again!

it has a complete guide where you can clearly see that you can bulk generate definitions and other stuff to some fields with the dictionary you installed, on the internet you’ll find the monolingual dictionary

What I would do is write a vba script that gets the definition from a dictionary… Then again this might be more effort for what its worth.

Besides I stand corrected by @4649ceynou and their recommendation of migaku, thats definitely the better choice. As @4649ceynou said you can read all about what you can do with migaku in the “getting started” Documentation.

Thank you. I’m currently checking the Migaku guide. It’s a long read! Hopefully I’ll be able to switch dictionaries.

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