View Learning Cards Right Away

Before when you had finished your reviews and had lets say 10 new cards left that you pressed “again” on, they would show up right away. That way you could see them over and over again if you kept pressing again. Now it says something along the lines of “The next learning card will be ready in 10 seconds. There are 9 learning cards due later today.” How can I get these cards to show up right away rather than waiting for later today to come?

See the “learn ahead limit“ setting in the preferences.


The Learn ahead limit tells Anki how to behave when there is nothing left to study in the current deck but cards in learning. The default setting of 20 minutes tells Anki that cards should be shown early if they have a delay of less than 20 minutes and there’s nothing else to do. If you set this to 0, Anki will always wait the full delay, showing the congratulations screen until the remaining cards are ready to be reviewed.


It’s already at 20 minutes, do you know what I should set it to to have them show right away over and over like it used to be?

Setting it to be the same as the last step of learning cards should do the trick.

The steps setting is in the “New Cards” tab of the deck options.


Unfortunately my second step is 1440 and the max this goes to is 999

You’ll need to use smaller learning steps in that case - that setting was really designed to avoid twiddling your thumbs for a few minutes while cards become due, instead of jumping half a day forward.

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That’s what I was hoping to avoid; having to twiddle my thumbs currently is rather annoying but I really don’t want to change my learning steps. Oh well. Thank you for the reply!