Spacing - wrong cards disappearing?


Anki users for many years.

I’ve always had a very simple spacing set up of:

  1. If I get a card right (for the first time), it comes back the next day.

  2. If I get it wrong - it will come back within the same study session until I get it right.

For some reason, in recent months, when I get a card ‘wrong’, it sometimes comes back within the same study session, other times it just disappears until ‘later in the day’.

I’d rather just get my studying done and over with in one session, so would much prefer the ‘wrong card’ to come back within the same study session.

If anyone can advise regarding this that would be much appreciated.


What is your Learn-ahead Limit set to – Preferences - Anki Manual? That needs to be longer than your learning step(s) if you want to make sure to see that card again in this same study session.

Otherwise, it will be available after the delay of its learning step. If that’s longer than you study, you also might want to shorten your learning step(s).


Hi Danika,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve had a look at settings (sorry bit of a novice here) and I cant find ‘learn ahead’ section. Would you be able to clarify with some screenshots what exactly you are referring to by ‘learn ahead’ and ‘learning steps’?

Thanks again.

Hey, you should’ve followed the link up there. It contains the information you need on where to find learn ahead limit. Learning steps are something you’ll find in the “Deck Options”. A bit of explainer, when you learn a new card it follows pre-determined steps that we call “Learning steps”. So if the steps are 1m 10m it means pressing Again makes that card show up in a minute and pressing Good makes the card show up in 10 mins. After this, a Good rating would make the card “graduate” with a graduating interval which is by default 1 day. The next day you see that card again and you rate it. The rest will be handled by Anki’s SM2 scheduler. But if you go to Deck Options and turn on FSRS, the scheduler takes over the moment it passes all learning steps. So even the graduating interval is handled by Anki. By the way, you can also have a single learning step or 3-4 different learning steps. Having too many is not recommended though so the defaults are fine.

Learn ahead limit is explained in the link Danika sent so you can read it there.

Also on a different note, try at least reading the info that comes along with the Deck Options. You click on the question mark shaped icon for that. I am certain you’ll be able to solve most issues you encounter after that. For now, see if you can find the relevant settings and are able to solve your issue.

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You’ll find the “learn-ahead limit” in Tools > Preferences – as described in the above link. That also describes how it interacts with your learning steps

Your learning (and relearning) steps (in your Deck Options – Deck Options - Anki Manual) control the delay for what you described as “it will come back within the same study session until I get it right.”

[I can’t get screenshots for you right now, but let me know if you need more.]

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