V3 Scheduler Suggestion


As I understand currently, V3 scheduler only counts the green (due) number towards the review limit.

In my opinion, this is incorrect, and the red number should be counted as well. When I set the limit, I expect to only see that number of cards maximum in a day and currently it can be greater.
e.g. my settings:
and my schedule:
So I have 87 cards scheduled for today.

Ideally, I would like it to work as follows:

  • I set a limit for total number of cards I want to do each day.
  • The cards are added in the following order: Red, green (due), blue (new).
  • Having a combined limit for red+blue numbers might also be a good idea, since it can become very annoying to receive new cards when you already have a lot of difficult ones in the queue.

P.S. Also, would be a good idea to name the red column, so people can refer to it more clearly.

The learning column is labelled in recent Anki releases. Interday learning cards are affected by the review limit, but intraday learning cards are not, as with their small intervals they are more likely to be forgotten when delayed by a day or more.

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Ok, I will try the new version.
But intraday cards should still be counted towards the total cap, that’s why I’m proposing to fill cards in the following priority: intraday, reviews, new.
I believe it would make sense to reduce the number of review cards when there are intraday cards remaining from previous days.

Including intraday cards directly could be problematic, since they may be due later in the day. Overdue intraday cards could potentially be treated differently in the future (eg, converted to interday cards at the start of a new day) - I’ll keep an eye on demand for this.

Do you take commissions? I would be willing to pay something like $50 to have this as an option.

This is not a good idea in my opinion. The current behavior of the options is apparent and good.

An add-on author might be willing to take you up on that offer, but for the core code I’m afraid I’d like to see more demand first.

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