V3 scheduler setting not saving on Windows 11 reboot

Hi all

I was previously unaware of the v3 scheduler option under Preferences → Review and don’t know if it worked correctly on this machine before. Since I started using FSRS for review scheduling, which requires the “Custom Scheduling” field to be available in the deck options and thus v3 scheduler under Anki’s preferences, I’ve noticed that the checkbox for the v3 scheduler does not save between Windows 11 reboots.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Latest stable Windows 11 and Anki Qt6 installed
  2. Open Anki, open Preferences → Review, check the v3 scheduler box
  3. Open deck options, add FSRS scheduler code in the Custom Scheduling field, and save
  4. Check Anki preferences and deck options to confirm everything’s in order
  5. Close Anki
  6. Shutdown / restart Windows 11
  7. Log in to Windows 11 again
  8. Open Anki
  9. Error pops up because the Custom Scheduling field is gone from deck options and FSRS scheduler’s code is not available:
  10. Check Anki Preferences → Review → v3 scheduler checkbox is empty

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


Perhaps you imported an older collection accidentally? Can you reproduce the issue?

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t imported any collection recently (or actually at all). This collection was created last year by importing decks found on the shared decks list. The issue seems to occur about once a day in the morning when I first boot up my laptop for the day. I’ve now noticed that restarting during the day doesn’t seem to cause Anki to forget the v3 scheduler setting.

Are you syncing with AnkiWeb? Do you use other Anki clients?

I sync with AnkiWeb. I also use AnkiDroid, however, I’ve had several occasions where I did not use AnkiDroid between using Anki on Windows (did reviews on Windows for a few days in a row) and the issue still occurred.

I’m afraid I can’t think of a reason why that would happen. I recommend you experiment with disabling all add-ons to see if the issue persists.

Thank you, I will try it.

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