Using new Anki Deck Browser CSS

Hello, I have been trying to use the new Deck Browser CSS add on. However, I cannot edit the css of deskbrowser_injected and toolbar_injected just won’t open. I recently downloaded Anki onto my new macbook pro and am trying to make it as comfortable to use as possible. I have also never edited a code before so is anyone able to show me (screenshots, perhaps) what I need to do to make this add-on work? I am trying to fix the User Interface size, as it is currently way too big for me.

Go to Tools → Add-ons → Deck Browser CSS → View Files → user_files

I am not sure about macbook pro, but on windows the only thing I have to do to open and edit the files is to double click on them. Any text editor should work fine.

Add this code to deckbrowser_injected: body {zoom: 90%;}
And this to toolbar_injected: #header {zoom: 90%;}

Some changes may need you to restart Anki to take effect.


Thank you so much! This worked!

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