DeckBrowser Problem

Hello I just got anki and I dowlanded some add ons and noticed that I had 3 coloumns instead of the 2 I had before. Not only that but there is now title for the new coloumn. I have attached an image.
Can anybody help me with this please

The new column comes with Anki 2.1.45.

Scheduling changes:

  • A new scheduler is available, with a number of improvements. Please see the 2021 scheduler page for more information.
  • The deck list now shows the learning count separately.
  • On new collections, the v2 scheduler is now the default.
  • Set due date uses the deck’s configured starting ease (thanks to cyphar).

Changes in 2.1.40 to 49 - Changes

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Hello and thank you for replying, how do I give the column a title and increase the size of the words and numbers in the deck browser.

I’m afraid I think the only way for you to modify the main screen display or the Browser is with add-ons. You could increase the user interface size, though.

sorry to bother you, I’m really new to anki. Is there any add ons you would recommend to do this and how would i change the interface size. I looked it up but i keep getting ways to change the cards and not the actual deck browser.
Thank you

User interface size:

Tools > Preferences > Basic

You’ll need to restart Anki for the changes to take effect.


I personally don’t use any add-on to modify the main screen or the Browser. Back in the day, I used Enhance main window - AnkiWeb, but I don’t know if it currently adds a name to the new column nor if it’s updated with the new version of Anki. Perhaps you could change its code to do so.