Using Cloze copies for audio

Normally Coze deletions are only in one field. There are various problems about putting different clozes in different fields. However I have a nice use for a second field having copies of clozes. The cloze numbers have to be the same but contents can be different. i.e. if the there are clozes in two different languages, I don’t want the Italian TTS voice to speak any English clozes, so the TTS only references the second field where any English clozes just contain a space.
However when adding a new note you are restricted from putting clozes in the second field. One has to add the note first then edit, entering the cloze copies. Could I ask the developers to change the restriction to just a warning?

I think you only need to edit your template: Click on “Cards…” and then change {{Back Extra}} into {{cloze:Back Extra}}. This will allow you to add clozes to the “Back Extra” field.

Thanks. Very simple! I added: {{cloze:ClozeCopies}} in a span hidden by style=“display:none”
to the back template and now adding notes accepts cloze deletions in the “ClozeCopies” field.
It is hidden to avoid duplication from the main “Text” field.
Acutally putting the hidden span in the front template instead of the back avoids the warning in the editor:
“Cloze deletion can only be used in fields which use the ‘cloze:’ filter. This is typically the first field.”