User of AwesomeTTS seeing errors when playing back MP3 audio on iOS AnkiMobile

Hi, i’m trying to help out a user of AwesomeTTS who’s experiencing the following error message when playing back certain mp3 files on iOS AnkiMobile:

searching for this error points to some vague permissions errors. Does anyone know what might be the issue ?

Can you provide a 1 card apkg that reproduces the issue?

I got to take a look at the file types:

this is a “bad” file:

languagetools-0ee87d8fa0bc531f9946bc82623df49f5448236170e262b1ca7e096f.mp3: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 24000 Hz

this is a “good” file

languagetools-25a45af844622f6fc7a98a939585c9e1b2b53cae3bdd4f0681570a23.mp3: Audio file with ID3 version 2.3.0, contains:\012- MPEG ADTS, layer III, v2, 48 kbps, 22.05 kHz, Monaural

so i’m going to attempt to repro this on my side first.

iOS’s audio player requires that the file extension correctly identifies the content of the file. If AwesomeTTS is writing .wav files as .mp3, it will need to write them as .wav instead.

Looks pretty clear the google SDK / API is generating WAV data even when the parameters explicitly say mp3, at least for this particular voice. This is an issue on my side, i’ll be looking into it. Thank you @dae.

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Looks like this problem is unique to the Google Thai Neural2 voice, i’ve opened a support ticket with google: Google Issue Tracker

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