Urdu language MP3 files don't work on iOS


I have loaded up cards and media, it works on MacOS Desktop and through the Ankiweb, but doesn’t work in iOS.

I also can’t seem to export an apkg file with media included (the apkg size is only 47k when it should be about 100 megabytes).

Example from the tsv file I imported:
زمانے زمانے.mp3
میں میں.mp3
جیک جیک.mp3
نامی نامی.mp3
لڑکا لڑکا.mp3
تھا تھا.mp3
جو جو.mp3
اپنی اپنی.mp3
غریب غریب.mp3
بیوہ بیوہ.mp3

Even though it may work, I would recommend against naming files or directories using characters outside the ASCII range. This is because it historically didn’t work (ie. there was no support for unicode in file names), and not everything has kept up at the same pace. Not only that, but conventionally file names on Unix systems should not include anything besides, basically, letters, numbers and some punctuation (because then it’s easy for anyone would has to deal with these files to spell their name), so some programs have some issues not escaping properly file names.

In short, try renaming your file with ascii letters. I think it may be the cause of your problem.

Alright, I made a few backend changes as well as base64 encoded the text as filenames, and that didn’t work initially. Then I checked the files and they were now generated as wave files, so I renamed the files to .wav and it started working in iOS.

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Unicode characters should work correctly provided they’re encoded properly, which the check media tool will ensure for you. But it sounds like these were wav files with the wrong extension, which iOS’s standard media API does not support.