Update PyPI Package to 2.1.44?

Hi there,

I noticed that the latest PyPI anki package is version 2.1.35.

Trying to read my version 2.1.44 Anki collection dies with an error “DBError { info: “”, kind: FileTooNew }”.

Which makes sense given the version mismatch.

Are there any plans to update the PyPI package to the latest version any time soon?

FWIW, I also tried building the 2.1.44 package from source, but I ran into build errors. I’m on Windows and it will probably take some doing to get my build environment setup correctly.

.35 is not the latest. Maybe your Python is the wrong version?

Ah, I see. Not sure if the .35 package was somehow hanging around from a previous install Python 3.7 install, but after uninstalling it and purging my pip cache, I was able to get the .44 version to install on Python 3.8.

Thanks for the help.