Cannot go beyond 2.1.15

“If you are using Windows 7 and get a “Fatal Error detected: Failed to execute script pyi_rth_multiprocessing” message when starting the latest version, 2.1.15 from the “older versions” link above is the last release that will work on your system.” (this line come from the anki web page)

It seems like this is the problem that I am facing. I cannot install version newer than 2.1.15. My question is: how can i go round this? do I have to install a newer version of Window? Or should I buy a new laptop (mine is really old)? There are a lot of add-ons that I would like to try but they all require a more recent anki update.

Thank you in advance

Get a new laptop and latest Windows – if nothing else it is to protect your from security issues, stolen passwords/identities, bots running on your computer slowing everything down and much more that has been fixed in later versions.

Thanks a bunch!

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Could be relevant:

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