Unpredictable crashes when opening browser, searching, or selecting multiple cards

Anki for the past 6-10 builds has been crashing with one of the following triggers with no discernable pattern.

  1. Opening browser
  2. Searching for a term in browser (hitting return)
  3. Selecting more than 1 card in browser via shift + click

Opening in safe mode occasionally helps but not always.
Checking database, clearing media, emptying cards doesn’t resolve anything.
Once it enters the funk the only solution is to reinstall the Anki package.

Currently running Mac M1 Ventura and latest Anki (Version ⁨2.1.64 (716db5ee)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.0 PyQt 6.5.0).

Any insights? Thanks!

Edit: Occasionally searching for a particular term doesn’t crash but narrowing the search makes it crash. Perhaps it’s related to the cards themselves? E.g. It was crashing during opening browser nonstop for 10 attempts, did not crash on 11th attempt and allowed me to search for term “meth” but then when I searched for “metha” it crashed. Upon opening app and browser again, I face an immediate crash without an opportunity to search anymore.

Please try starting Anki, resetting window positions in the preferences, and then opening the browse screen. Do you get any crashes in that session?

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Thank you, I’ll try that next time I hit this issue. I reinstalled Anki so I haven’t had the issue quiet yet. Are the actions you are describing different from what the latest version of Anki has been set to do i.e. does the latest version automatically reset window sizes upon app open?

The rc will reset positions when you run it for the first time. If you find that resetting them manually continues to help, that implies we haven’t fully solved the problem yet.

Thank you very much for your work. Will keep you updated once I experience this again.

I just updated to the official .64 silicon release. On my first run of the new version I encountered the same crashing pattern (crashes up opening the browser). I did what you suggested and reset window positions and it solved the problem. No more crashes.

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That’s unexpected. Please let us know if they crop up again, and if the same step helps again.

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