Unify the terms for "Reset card"

The mobile clients (both AnkiMobile and AnkiDroid) use the word “Reset” while the Desktop client uses the word “Forget”. I feel that the terms should be unified across platforms to decrease confusion.

From AnkiMobile Docs:

Reset Card
Turn the current card back into a new card.

From AnkiDroid docs:

Reset progress
Move the card to the end of the new card queue. The current state of the card is cleared, but not its revision history.

From Anki docs:

Move currently selected cards to the end of the new queue. The existing review history is preserved. In 2.1.50+, there are options to restore the original card position, and to reset the card’s lapse and repetition counters.

If you ask me, I think that the word “Reset” conveys the function of the option better.

The functionality is inconsistent too, i.e., the mobile clients don’t restore the original card position, or reset the card’s lapse and repetition counters. But that’s a different issue.


In ankidroid, in my native language, the function is called “Reset Progress”.
Which I think conveys the meaning better.

And “Bury Card/Note” and “Suspend Card/Note” as “Postpone Card/Note” and “Exclude Card/Note”
I still don’t understand what is what.

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@Keks, for bury and suspend, you can open a ticket on Issues · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub suggesting them to reuse Anki Desktop translations.

If the Desktop translations are also not accurate, you can contribute to make the translation better. See https://translating.ankiweb.net/

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Logged on Forget→Reset · Issue #3078 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Very good suggestion. I talked to glutanimate about this a while back and he also didn’t know why it was called “Forget” in the desktop version. “Reset learning progress” seems to be the much clearer term to me as forgetting is something that the user does as well, which causes confusion in new users.