Unexpected behavior when inconsistent add-on version

I had a trouble with add-on 1152543397
I realized that the supported anki versions were

  • 1, -23
  • 36, 38
  • 24, -54
  • 55, 55

That caused the add-on downloaded to be the 2nd version, 36-38 instead of 55-55.

I understand my numbers were inconsistent, I am not asking you to find a way to automatically correct them.
But I’d suggest and appreciate to either reject such inconsistent numbering, or at least send a warning to the add-on owner, because it took me some time before I understood why I was not getting the proper version.

Worse, on each restart of anki, I got offered to download the new version, but actually, still had the previous one. So not even a good behavior from the end-user

I’ve logged this on AnkiWeb not correctly enforcing add-on ranges on upload? · Issue #2475 · ankitects/anki · GitHub. A reminder that as a developer, you’re welcome to post issues directly on GitHub if you’re confident they’re a bug.

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