Any strategy for upgrading anki versions? Up from 2.1.49 found many add-on claims not working

but indeep they did :rofl:

anyway i am a new user, i tried anki comfortably on 2.1.49,
oneday I found 2.1.54 allow “html view” in the fields, and also image resize etc.
so I upgraded to 2.1.54, yet many times the add-ons are not sure working or not.
esp the “closet” which is well recommended. luckily finally its worked.

the next time I wont upgrade so easily, i’ll definitely stick with 2.1.54 for a long time.

Any one have a good strategy? thanks

Add-on developers need to specify which versions their code is compatible with. Some authors take this very seriously, others not so much.

On the add-on upload page authors are presented with two inputs, one for the minimum and another for the maximum version:


Say an author has tested an add-on for every version between 2.1.49 and 2.1.54. If the author enters a negative maximum number, AnkiWeb will prevent users on later Anki versions from downloading the file:


On the add-on download page, it will then say:

Supported Anki versions:

  • 2.1.49-2.1.54

A maximum version with no leading dash, e.g.


indicates that the add-on might work on newer versions, but it hasn’t been tested. The download page will say:

Supported Anki versions:

  • 2.1.49-2.1.54+

In this case, Anki will not prevent users from downloading the add-on if they run an Anki version above 2.1.54. Because some authors either forget about the dash or are too confident their add-on won’t break any time soon, many broken add-ons can be downloaded from AnkiWeb.

I’m afraid there’s no good strategy other than keeping the amount of add-ons your workflow depends on as low as possible. If you want to save some time, you could take a look at this Notion document, where the guys from Anki Palace track breakages of their recommended add-ons.


If you know a bit about your computer this might work:

all your addons are in a folder named addons21 in your profile folder, see the manual: Managing Files - Anki Manual

If you update anki and install all available anki updates but are unhappy you could get back your old addons like this: delete the addons21 folder and then restore it from your backup. Naturally before you do something like this you’ve made sure that you have a working backup that includes this folder …

I prefer a slightly simpler approach. I copy the folder addons21 to a different folder before switching to a new anki version that requires add-on updates. If I don’t like how the new anki version works I delete the updated addons21 folder and move back the addons21 folder version that I copied previously.


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