Unable to Sync Starting Recently on Desktop and Android Mobile


Longtime daily Anki user who syncs constantly and goes back and forth between my desktop app and Android mobile. Starting just within the last hour or so, I’ve been unable to sync either my desktop Anki App or my Android app. When I attempt to sync my desktop app I get the error “Only one client can access AnkiWeb at a time. If a previous sync failed, please try again in a few minutes.” I have tried again and again after a few minutes and there is no change. Futhermore, I no sync failed prior to this to prompt this message. Next when I try to sync via mobile I get the error “Syncing error, type:-1, message: org.json.JSONException: No value for models.”

Is anyone else having any issues, or can anyone help me fix this. I’ve got a big exam coming up and I’m desperate!

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