Unable to study other subdecks in a certain deck after studying a certain subdeck

Hi, I want to know if there’s any way I can study other subdecks in a certain deck after studying one subdeck in the aforementioned deck. I’m unable to study other stuff because of this. Thanks

I think this is caused by your deck options. Maybe you have the same options group set for both the parent deck and its children. Please see Deck Options - Anki Manual for more info about deck options.

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But the deck I imported has the same options as the ones that I made (which is the subdecks that I can’t study because I already studied one from the same deck), what do I change regarding the decks and subdecks that I can’t study?.. Also what do I read on the Anki manual, can’t seem to find what I’m looking for…

If you have already studied from the same deck, then you have reached your limit for today. See Anki Daily Limits.

You could either change your daily limits, if they are not working for you, or create a Filtered Deck, see Filtered Decks and Cramming.

Does that help?

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