Unable to study cards

Starting Monday when I try to do some cards there is a discrepancy between how many cards the home page says and when I actually go to click the deck. For example, in the first pic it says I have 91 cards left in my family med deck. When I go to study it it says I have no cards left to review (second pic). I believe these 91 cards are in the “learning” phase because when I custom study to add more review cards that works perfectly fine. Any ideas?

From the screenshot I can see, that you are using some add-ons to display additional information. They can also interfere with what you are seeing on the main screen.
Disable all add-ons, or just start Anki while holding Shift key, and check if the issue is still present.

I tried doing the shift key while starting Anki and still had the same issue.

Can you show similar screenshots while started Anki with shift key holding? I mean main window and congratulations screen.


This is what it shows for the same family med deck. (also the cards are at 114 because it’s a new day for me however still the same issue going on nonetheless)

I haven’t seen such a case before. Maybe someone else will have any idea.

The second picture doesn’t say there are no cards left to review. In fact, it says “Today’s review limit has been reached, but there are still cards waiting to be reviewed.”

Probably you need to increase your daily limit to avoid accumulating a backlog.

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That does seem odd - if numbers are shown in the deck list, I would not expect the congrats page to be shown when clicking on the deck. If it’s happening regularly, the next time you see it, please sync your current state to AnkiWeb, post back here, and avoid syncing again until I’ve had a chance to try to reproduce the problem with your AnkiWeb collection.

I updated my anki to the latest version and that seemed to help. Thanks everyone!

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