UI/UX - Suggestion

In terms of UI/UX improvements, here are my suggestions:

  • ESC brings you to “Home” While viewing a card, pressing ESC should abort the session and bring you to the menu

  • Add a Margin & Text-size sliders Users should be able to change font size and adjust where cards appears on their screen without going to Add > Cards > Styling, look online for “margin: 15%” html to center their text. This cannot get less user-friendly.
    Place the menu on the “star” menu close to each deck name it “appearance”.
    The default “extreme top screen tiny text” is just ugly, center screen text is much better

  • Default flashcard text should be center screen. New users seeing the default “extreme top screen tiny text” think this is not user-friendly, instead ugly and hard to read. Margin should be around 15% by default

  • Move review countdown to “deck options” It is much more intutitive if the user can set the “Easy, hard, again = X min” review timer countdown directly in the deck options menu.

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