Two Different Profiles with Two Different Emails . Lost Backup

Hello all.

I have had a nightmare and lost all of my Ankiweb medical notes.
I made all my medical school notes on one profile, and then all my post grad notes on another one (different email) and have used that one since.
As I haven’t accessed my medical school notes for a very long, they have now disappeared from the Ankiweb cloud and there is nothing there.
Is there anyway to get them back? When I login, there is now nothing there. I also cannot find any backup on my laptop at all.
Please help!

Note; I attempted to see if any of my backups have my old med school notes with my email for those (on the MacOS) and now my post grad notes are on my old email Anki account and have been synced to it. Is there anyway to get my historic backup from Ankiweb?

Just to be sure, you checked your backups here?

To restore from an automatic backup:

  • Open Anki, and choose Switch Profile from the File menu.
  • Click on the “Open Backup” button.
  • Select the backup you wish to restore from.

When restoring from a backup, any changes made since the backup was created will be lost.

Anki disables automatic syncing and backups when you restore from a backup. Once you’re happy that you’ve restored the correct backup, close and re-open Anki to return to normal.

See if your phone has backups as well Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

If nothing works, then only dae can check them

Hello, thanks for your message.
Unfortunately since I last accessed this backup I have had a new laptop, so all the backups currently on here appear to be my new one (although I seem to have all the files of the old one still?).
There is also only one profile on the Anki on this laptop it appears.
My only hope is that the files are still somewhere on the internet despite them not being on my Ankiweb at present.

If that was a long time ago, they probably can’t be restored from AnkiWeb. @dae can confirm if a backup of your data is available.

I received the deletion notification on the 4/2/2023 so exactly a year ago, I pray they can recover this set. Please @dae do your magic.

I’m afraid if your account data expires due to inactivity, there is no way to recover it if you do not have a local copy saved.

It’s annoying as I have all the media saved on my hard drive in the folder, yet I can’t find any of the slides or backup of the slides anywhere (when I go into the backup folder, its just of the other profile with the other associated email address). Is there no way any of this would be retrievable?

In your Anki2 folder (Managing Files - Anki Manual), there is a separate folder for each profile. When you find a folder, the backups folder next to it belongs to the same profile.

If you’re looking for a different profile, you would need to go back to your Anki2 folder and find that profile’s folder. That’s where you would find the and backups (but also the original collection database files, so you wouldn’t necessarily even need a backup). It sounds like you didn’t copy that profile folder over from your old computer, but that’s where you’ll find it if you still have that computer.


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