My second profile is missing and im not sure what to do

so basically I had two profiles on my Anki account and I thought that both files synced to my AnkiWeb account but it turns out only the first profile synced and the second one seems to be missing, this wouldn’t be a problem if I could restore the data but I can’t. I had to get my laptop factory reset due to it not updating properly, but fortunately, I saved everything that was on my laptop onto an SD card. the problem is now that I don’t know how to get back my second profile form said SD card, is it in a certain place in the Anki folder or is it just lost forever?

You probably lost. Each Anki profile requires an ankiweb account. profile → account 1 on ankiweb. Profile 2 → account 2 on ankiweb… From what you say, unfortunately you didn’t create a second account.

Check this folder on your SD card, maybe you can restore it from there: