AnkiWeb backups

Hi, i used Anki for some uni work last year and i think the last time i synced to anki web was May. In September i started using the same account again and was syncing regularly to anki web. However i cannot find my other profiles on the anki web portal ? i have this years work and can see that. I started this work on a new profile however this is the only profile backup i can see? is there anyway to see if there are cards stored in other profiles? Thanks

One profile can only be synced with one AnkiWeb account. Have you created multiple AnkiWeb accounts (i.e. multiple different log-in credentials)?

Or could it be that you only created the other profiles locally on your computer?

yeah i had sepreate profiles for the different years work. So the first profile backups has been essentially overriden?

I don’t think so, but I’m not sure I fully understand your situation yet.

Did you use Anki Desktop to create your cards? If yes, please check if you can find your other profiles via File -> Switch Profile (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P).

No the other profiles are not there

If you created multiple profiles but only one AnkiWeb account, I’m afraid you will not have synchronized all of your data.

If you still have access to the device where you created the profiles and have not deleted your Anki data, the profiles may still be there. If you don’t see them in the profiles list, you could check your data folder.

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