Have 2 Anki Profiles, Lost 1 after Resetting PC HELP

Hi all, first post here and this is a repost from my reddit post but here it goes.

I had 2 profiles under my same email that was used to sync both my Anki profiles. However, I reformatted my PC and totally forgot to backup my cards from both profiles (stupid me :disappointed:). When I logged into my email in Anki, I could only download cards from 1 of the profiles, but not the other.

Is there any way I can retrieve the other lost profile? I’m so saddened by this as I spent lots of time making cards in both profiles. Any help would be much appreciated thanks!

I’m not sure if I’ve understood correctly. Do you mean that you used the same Anki web account to sync two user profiles?

I don’t think that’s possible, are you sure?

If you have multiple people using Anki on one machine and have created a profile for each user, each user will need to create their own AnkiWeb account to sync with. If you attempt to synchronize multiple profiles with a single AnkiWeb account, you will lose data.



Any chance that the other profile was syncing with a different account?

Most reformats don’t actually delete the data, so it might be possible to recover one of the automatic backups. I’m not sure there’s a better solution if you’ve formatted your hard drive unfortunately.


maybe I was wrong this whole time :frowning:
most likely my first profile overwrote my other and I didn’t know…all this time I thought both profiles can be used under the same account sigh

don’t think I used any other account unfortunately :disappointed_relieved: welp lesson learnt :frowning: