Sync issues - feeling hopeless - please help

Hi there,

I’m dramatic, yes but I’ve seriously cried over this. A med school friend very sweetly helped me update my version of Anki today (I think I’d been using one from 2022 for the MCAT and didn’t realize it was old). He also got me started with FSRS and I was so excited to try it out b/c it was what I had been trying to do and then I must have immediately done something weird after subscribing to a deck online because my progress is gone! And since we just updated the versions, I’m now afraid my backups are gone as none come up to restore from in the ‘switch profile’ menu.

Is there any way to find another backup–like one from Ankiweb perhaps? Any help at all will be sooo appreciated!


This is not hopeless! First, make sure you don’t do any more syncing until this is figured out.

Can you get to your data directory and find your profile? Managing Files - Anki Manual

What’s in your backups folder there?


OMG you’re a lifesaver—it was there!! I swear I looked a bunch from the switch profile window and didn’t see anything but suddenly the backups are in the folder!
I was able to restore from yesterday evening and get started again. Thank you for having me check there!

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