Anki Decks Lost. Urgent Issue!

I am not very advanced at using Anki yet and have been using it for the past month and a half to produce numerous useful decks for my MCAT. Just now, I was trying to synchronize the decks from my computer to my phone so I pressed synchronize and some pop-up asking about downloading or uploading came up. I was confused and honestly can’t remember which option I picked, but right afterwards all the new decks that I had spent months working on disappeared and I am panicking because I do not know what to do and how to restore any of these decks. I tried looking in my preferences for backups but don’t see anything and don’t know how to access them. I always made all of my Anki decks on wifi and used my account so I was wondering if there is any way possible to restore these cards as soon as possible. I have spent the last 6 weeks generating these cards and don’t know what im going to do without them. I can’t remember all of their names but there were several decks 'MCAT biochem 1, MCAT biochem 2, MCAT microbio, etc. PLEASE HELP!!

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