Turning off 1d Easy boost in relearning

I note that “When cards are in relearning, the Easy button boosts the interval by 1 day.” in V2+ schedulers. I think this is making ‘Easy’ intervals on lapsed cards exceed my maximum interval of 1d. Can I make the maximum interval supersede the +1 boost rule?

I can’t start answering your question without saying first –
A 1d max interval is not a good idea, and it entirely defeats the purposes of spaced repetition (Background - Anki Manual). Whatever issue you think you are solving by setting such a low max, I hope that you will ask for help with that instead, because there has got to be a better solution. You didn’t ask, but I wouldn’t be helping you if I didn’t at least say something.

No, I don’t think you can override the scheduler. Your best bet would be to not grade any of your answers Easy (and why would you, because the only point of that is to set the card out for a longer interval, which you’re trying not to do, right?)

Everything that follows below this line is a bad idea.

There is one other possibility – if your Options are the ones I could see in your other post? You have your minimum interval after lapse set to 1d. If you don’t want Easy to be 2d, you might be able to accomplish something by reducing that. But since it’s coded as days, I’m not sure it will accept 0 – and not sure what the impact of setting it to 0 would be on the rest of your grading buttons. In fact, it’s such a bad idea, I’m not even willing to take the risk of testing it in my own options. So even though I said it – you shouldn’t try it.

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Thanks for this impassioned response!

I’m aware of the implications for spaced repetition. This is for a deck that I am trying to learn in a few days and, when I’ve used this approach before, it’s worked well in context!

I have tried reducing minimum interval for lapses and as you say, 0 is not acceptable.

Glad I’ve got to the bottom of why the 2d interval is appearing, anyway, and thanks for your thoughts!

(Thanks for taking it good-naturedly!)

Context helps! I would still suggest you’d be better off letting the easier cards stretch their intervals out, and you can still pound away them in a Filtered Deck as often as you want, regardless of when they’re due. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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