Tried installing Anki 2.154 on my MacBook and now Anki won’t open at all on my computer

Finally downloaded Anki 2.154 on my 2016 MacBook running 12.4 macOS Monterey.
Won’t open, icon just kept on bouncing on my dock. I tried uninstalling and updating my Anki (removing or overwriting one copy). I tried updating my computer. I tried reinstalling Anki. I tried moving all the previous versions to the trash. I tried installing the beta Anki qt 6 intel. Nothing works. I’m super frustrated.

I have a 2017 MacBook running 11.6 (Big Sur) and 2.1.54 works fine.

Please try rename your prefs21.db file to something else, then start Anki again to see if that helps. If not, maybe the console will reveal something (Console Output - Writing Anki Add-ons)