Too many "learning" cards at once

Hi! Posted the same recently on reddit, but got no response - yet its too important to me.
I have a problem with too many blue (learning?) cards. Anki gives me 10 cards one by one when I see them for the first time; it makes me often choose “again” and get stuck in a loop of getting to many cards to remember at once…

How do I change it? If can’t, how to use it to actually remember stuff?

Is Anki your first step of learning or did you interact with the material before? Is this a pre-made deck or selfmade cards?

I make decks while reading a book in another language or during language course; heard already, that Anki is not made for first contact with material.
But the problem is I like my method and it works for me in similar apps - same method, just less cards.

Maybe your cards aren’t good enough for your purpose?

I honestly believe my cards are nice and working fine! Before Anki I used similar apps and everything was great. My only issue is the amount of new cards at once, as said in the post - I’m getting stuck in a loop of 10 words and got to focus on few to get out of it…

You can reduce the maximum number of news cards per day.
Or, split your learning sessions throughout the day.

Could you precise why you feel stucked in a loop? Is it because you fail learning the contents, or does anki show you the card to frequently?

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Is it the approach to learning?
Is it the cards?
Is it the Anki settings?

We don‘t know and for valuable feedback you need to elaborate on what you are doing, what you expect and what your settings are. Maybe a lower limit of new cards will help.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear enought before!
When I start the session & finish the review, I’m getting 10 new cards one by one (“learning”). This amount is too big for me to remember, I feel like it would be more efficient to introduce idk, 5 new at once?
Now I often struggle to remember the first word after the full loop of 10.

In general I’m not a fan of the basic repetition system of Anki & would like to customise it more, such as changing the time after a “good”-marked card reappears.

Hope it’s clear now!

Blue cards are new, controlled by the New Cards/Day limit.

Read the manual. Intervals shorter than one day are customizable, the other intervals are supposed to be guessed by Anki, with some tweakability. You can either use the default SM2-based scheduler, which is simpler, or enable FSRS, which is less clear, but is supposed to predict better (and you can specify how well you want to remember).

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If the default 1 minute delay on Again is giving you 10 new cards, you can either slow down a bit (take some more seconds to try to memorize each card, come up with a mnemonic, etc before pressing Again), do a mix of reviews and new cards at once, or you can further reduce the 1m step to a shorter value.

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