"Too large" message when trying to sync

I am a big contributor to Anki. Probably the top contributor of decks, in terms of download numbers.

So anyways, my collection of decks is big because of that.

And when I tried to sync today, I got a message: saying ‘Too large’.



What is the way around? How can I fix it?


By the way:

  1. the total text-size of my entire collection, is 50mb

    (I know that the limit is 250mb)

  2. I was able to sync just fine on 2.1.30, maybe the problem is that I updated to 2.1.35? Because the changes to my collection were so little.

  3. It is very unlikely that I exceeded some media-size limit, because my media folder’s size went up from ~6.45GB to 6.48GB in the time when I could sync… to now that I can’t sync.

Edit 2:
I just downgraded to Anki 2.1.30 and the problem persists… I suppose it’s related to some recent change to the syncing server?

Edit 3:
I used the button to delete unused media, suddenly my media folder’s size went from 6.5GB to 1.4GB… but the ‘too large’ message persists.

edit 4:
one thing that maybe I should mention, is that I’m clicking the ‘upload to ankiweb’ button:

Your uncompressed card/note/review data is over 300MB. This is above what AnkiWeb supports in a single account: https://faqs.ankiweb.net/are-there-limits-on-file-sizes-on-ankiweb.html

It is not possible to adjust AnkiWeb’s limit, but you can export some of the content, and delete it after importing it into a separate profile. After creating a separate AnkiWeb profile and uploading the content there, if you wish to update your existing shared decks, please provide a list to me and I’ll transfer them over to your other account.

I found a temporary workaround.

It seems that the sync issue is when I upload it all at once, but not when I do a simple sync.

So I did it like this:

  1. I exported the only deck that I modified between this and the last sync

  2. I used the option to sync by downloading everything from Ankiweb

  3. With that, my collection reverted to the state upon which I could sync without issues

  4. I re-imported the only deck that I modified, back into my Anki, and synced without issues.

It seems that so long as I avoid that ‘inconsistent collection’ message, I will be fine. If someday I need to employ your solution, I’ll let you know.