To create a filter deck

I have a deck with one of the fields called “Frequency”, this presents the number of time the word appears in the book. Is it possible to create a filtered deck based on this field? eg Frequency less than 20.
If possible, can someone please show me how to do this?
Your help is greatly appreciated


As far as I know, there is no way to interpret a field’s data numerically. That said, there are several ways to create such a deck:

  1. In the browser, sort by the frequency field so you can select the relevant cards. Tag them and use this tag to create the filtered deck. (Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be a way to create a filtered deck directly from the browser.)
  2. Probably the best approach would be to have the frequency information in the form of hierarchical tags, but that would require you to add those tags first, obviously. (Could be done quite easily with a little Python, though.)
  3. And lastly: RegEx. Apart from knowing the syntax, this also requires a recent version of Anki. For your example, the expression would be "Frequency:re:^(1?\d|20)$" (<=20) or "Frequency:re:^1?\d$" (<20).

I sorted the frequency field as you suggested above. To add a tag, do I need to enter a tag to each card individually. Is there a way to do it in batch? That would save me a lot of time.

You can Rightclick->Add Tags.
But I keep forgetting: Tags are an attribute of notes. So better use flags instead: Rightclick->Flag or simply Ctrl+1 (or another number between 1 and 4). Then search for flag:1.

After sorting, move the top 20 cards to a new deck “WIP”.
Every day, add 2o more cards. to it

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