Filter deck by custom field


Is it possible to filter the deck by custom field?

I have downloaded somewhere an HSK1-6 deck for the HSK Standard Course textbook. So I would like to filter the deck by selecting a level and a lesson number. The cards do have some custom fields for Level and Chapter as shown in the screenshot.

What is the simplest way to create a filtered deck with such requirements? Eventually I want to add further lessons and have it synced/learned at AnkiMobile. Actually, this is why I bought AnkiMobile in the first place :slight_smile:


Please see Searching - Anki Manual

Not very helpful, as I’m not sure what the “Level”/“Chapter” field terminologically is and whether it is even searchable/filterable at all. I’m Anki novice, hence my question :frowning:

“Level” and “Chapter” have no meaning in Anki’s terminology, they’re simple the names chosen by that deck’s creator to organize the content in fields (the could also use tags for that)

If you want to create a filtered deck based in those fields ( for example, you want to study only cards from Level 1, Chapter 1)
Tools > Create filtered deck, and then filter by:
deck:your_deck Level:1 Chapter:1


If the deck name contains spaces, you’ll need to use deck:“your deck”

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