Limit Deck using custom deck but otherwise study normally

Not sure how to do this.

I have a deck with tags for chapters in a book. I want to limit studying (new or review) to only cards up to a certain chapter (tags = chapter 1 to 4 say). But otherwise I want to student the deck normally - new cards in those tags should come up normally, review cards in within those tags come up for review and are rescheduled normally, etc.

Does one of the filtering options on a custom deck correspond to “study this filtered list of cards normally”?

Basically, as I progress in the book I’d keey increasing this custom deck with another chapter so new cards from that chapter can start appearing, but I don’t want to see them until then.


Sounds like you’d be better off suspending the cards, then unsuspending a group as needed.

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Ah, yes. Didn’t think of that. Pretty sure that should work. Thanks!

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