Behavior of custom study session... safe to delete the Custom deck?

Usually when I do addl study, I ask for another 10 or 15 new cards and get to work.

Once, however, I took the option that spun off a custom study session. Created a Custom ____ deck.

I didn’t really use that Custom deck, and I fear that the 30 or so new cards that went into it then did NOT surface in my main deck (where I spend time every day)

Per the anki helpfile, it looks like I can delete the custom deck, and the cards should then surface in the main deck, yes?


when you delete a custom study session deck or a filtered deck, cards that are in those deck won’t get deleted and will just go back to their original deck

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Super cool.


I mean this is a bit of an absurd feature. Couldn’t a Custom Study Session get an option that says “Stop”?

Sorry, I don’t get your point. You may want to stop studying the deck today and continue tomorrow. That’s why you have the option to delete or keep (and also to empty and rebuild) your filtered decks.

OK. It’s just very unintuitive.